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Hugo Sheppard & Co established in 2014 is the brainchild of Chris Sheppard, General Manager of Peter Sheppard Footwear.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Chris has continued to provide Australian women with exquisite European shoes matched with unrivalled customer service.

Travelling the shoe fairs of Europe, Chris soon saw the opportunity to provide the next generation of Australian women with contemporary, fashionable footwear matched with the philosophy of tailored customer service.

Named after Chris's son, Hugo Sheppard and Co speaks to the fashion forward woman juggling all elements of a busy life. Hugo shows the Australian market that fashion, quality and comfort can work together.

Join us instore and allow the staff to take you on a journey through Italy, Spain, Germany and beyond with beautiful brands such as ‘Paul Green’, ‘Kat Maconie’, ‘Hispanitas’ and 'Casteller' to name a few.

Hugo Sheppard and Co ’So many shoes and so little time’

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